Friday, July 30, 2010

strangers on the subway

Often when I ride the subway with Pico, I wind up talking to some interesting folks. My most recent encounter was with a couple who are pet-less but unintentionally sort of adopted a squirrel.

They told me, the squirrel built a nest in between their window and the fire escape bars. She has had 3 litters and has been living there for a couple years now! Being that I love squirrels—was once that crazy lady that sat in Union Square with them all over me as they nibbled on nuts and rescued 3 babies once after a storm (whom I then passed off to an official rehabilitator)— I was very pleased when they told me they had a website dedicated to their little neighbor, appropriately titled, the squirrel in our—where I could view some pictures. Like a perfect diorama, they've watched babies being born to growing up and leaving the nest!


  1. oh my god. that is just...amazing.

  2. My sister rehabs squirrels. :) She gets all kinds of interesting squirrels... From crazy to mean to just too lovable to let back into the wild.

    These squirrels are so cute! I just love them. :D

  3. Wow. That's pretty darn cute!

  4. Hi. This Kenny -- the guy on the train that day with the squirrels in the window.

    I'm so happy that you dig our little squirrel website.

    I've just updated the squirrel website if you'd like to take another look.