Monday, May 30, 2011

so little...

The sixth season of the Martha Show is over and you would think I wouldn't be so busy! Freelance projects have kept me indoors and away from my computer and missing you. 
I have been making though... things like mini wire hangers, similar to the ones your dry cleaning comes on except about an inch wide.

Speaking of tiny... we went to Atlanta last weekend and I spotted these nesting dolls upon Ashley's Grandmother's dresser. It was unbelievable how small they were! Just when you thought your at the last doll, another one was inside!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

last minute trip up to Brimfield antique show 2011

Nicki and I wound up scoring a vehicle, early early Saturday morning, to transport us over to the Brimfield antique show. We made the journey to purchase props for a film Nicki is making, set in the early 1960's. Primarily looking for specific items from the 1950's and before, I must say, I think we were quite successful. While prop shopping, I was able to snap some photos of objects that caught my eye but wouldn't necessarily fit into the films theme and aesthetic—more like the kind of stuff I would have liked to take home.

Pretty pink porcelain parrots.

The absolute first thing I saw upon entering the world of Brimfield, was this amazing cabinet-like canary cage–quite exquisite.

Loved this over sized parrot mural...
and these antique model mushroom specimens that were priced at two grand for the set 
(I thought the guy was joking when I asked how much). 

Anything macabre I admire and this funeral case held this infant memorial that was quite a spectacle.

Too young to have any hair to make the traditional mourning adornments, these were hand crafted from felt and fibers—it was really sweet.
Amongst the many other things handmade that I spotted, was this funny box with a pile of figurines on the lid all painted gold.  
I was scolded for taking a picture of this monkey by the vendor—I wanted to run and hide. 
Always drawn to ships, I found a big ship model encased in a glass box and am now regretting not buying this ship plate that was only $9. 
This car is just awesome. I wish cars still looked like this one. 
A boudoir lacy cover up flows in the breeze of Brimfield, Massachusetts.
I wanted so badly this Aztec carpet, but I was not about to spend $1200 on a rug—even though it is probably worth it.
I thought this looked like an asshole. funny. laugh.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mommy's Day card

I posted about the sloth card I made for my mom over at thecraftsdept blog. It's a unique card handmade for a unique mom. Oh how I love her...
Happy Mother's Day (a few days late) to all the mommies!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sorry for my absence this week—I have been preoccupied with planning a holiday—a possible trip to Costa Rica. What started out with just wanting to relax on the beach turned into a hiking through the rain forest into being secluded in the jungle with the animals into visiting a sloth sanctuary and finally obsessing over having the opportunity to actually live with the sloths at a humble sanctuary! It would be a dream come true to sleep with a sloth.