Monday, July 2, 2012

Make 4th of July Fireworks

Some sparkle and pop for the fourth is great if you are having guest over to celebrate. With just a box of plastic drinking straws and some glitter, I created this fun little firework centerpiece.
 To make it, gather 8-12 straws together, tie tightly in the center with a piece of waxed twine and bend to fray the straws out into a circular star form. Paint the straws with white glue and sprinkle on different glitters.  I used this fabulous Martha Stewart Crafts holographic glitter that comes in the shapes of stars, hexagons and diamonds. The variety of chunky glitter flakes makes the fireworks more dynamic than just glittering them all with your standard fine glitter. Make 5 or 6 fireworks and display on skewers in a vessel filled with colored sand, or even silver dragees.
And you can use the same straw tying technique to make snow glittered snowflakes for the wintertime!

Happy Birthday America!!!