Friday, July 30, 2010

strangers on the subway

Often when I ride the subway with Pico, I wind up talking to some interesting folks. My most recent encounter was with a couple who are pet-less but unintentionally sort of adopted a squirrel.

They told me, the squirrel built a nest in between their window and the fire escape bars. She has had 3 litters and has been living there for a couple years now! Being that I love squirrels—was once that crazy lady that sat in Union Square with them all over me as they nibbled on nuts and rescued 3 babies once after a storm (whom I then passed off to an official rehabilitator)— I was very pleased when they told me they had a website dedicated to their little neighbor, appropriately titled, the squirrel in our—where I could view some pictures. Like a perfect diorama, they've watched babies being born to growing up and leaving the nest!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

currently inspiring

1. Green roofs—especially one with goats gazing on it.

3. Bike riding in the summer and this necklace.

4. The realism in each paper bird by Anna-Wili.

5. The incredible detail of Marissa Textor's charcoal drawings.

6. The composition of this Chadwick Tyler photo.

7. The updates of what Courtney Love's wears each day.

8. The philosophy of beauty.

9. Molly, my boyfriend's cousin, who just turned 21 and how that seems so long ago to me already... appreciating my youth.

10. Unexplainable tattoos on a forearm.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

indie/punk show flyer

I made a flyer for my friends' bands, DBCR, Purse Snatchers & Andy & Zeus. I used to mock up fake punk show flyers when I was studying graphic design in school, but now I finally got to create one for real! Took me a night—everything is done by hand and scanned. Flyers are fun!

dolls by

Hans Bellmer. (March 13, 1902 - February 23, 1975)
Made dolls, photographed them and drew them.
His work has always stood out to me.
Above are scans from my senior book in college. Below are all him.

Friday, July 23, 2010

new shoes revamped. diy.

When Meli told me All Saints was having a huge sale, I didn't fret on running to purchasing the Amarante boots that I have been eyeing for months now—only problem, the color I wanted wasn't marked down! The black pair was full price at $250 but the bitter brown was down to $125! Argh!
I decided, well fuck it, I am just going to buy the brown and dye them black myself!

1. I roughed up the leather a tad with a fine sandpaper pad to aid in the dye absorption.

2. With a rag, I massaged black Eco-Flo leather dye all over the boot.

3. A day later, after they were completely dry, they were totally black!

4. For the worn out effect, I used the sandpaper again on them and replaced the laces with a black twine.

5. The result looks pretty similar to the actual black pair All Saints was selling!

mission accomplished! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hawthorne Valley Farm

Just about every Wednesday, on my way to work, I swing by my favorite farmstand at the green market in Union Square to stock up on my dairy for the week. It's my sole dairy source for raw milk yogurt and rennet-free cheese and the occasional zucchini turnover (when they are in stock). I have been supporting the farm for years and share their mission of "biodynamic farming practices that reflect a commitment to protecting the health of the earth and all who live on it". Up until 2 weekends ago, I had never actually visited the farm to see with my own eyes where the cheese (my guilty pleasure) was coming from.
So on the way back from Lake George we made another pit stop at Hawthorne Valley Farm.

We arrived in the late afternoon, just as all the moo cows were getting ready to be milked! We watched the farmers finishing up and the cows, very relaxed—a handful actually laying down in there—hanging out in their stalls.

There was even a little calf trying to catch some zzz's in the shade of her pen.

We roamed the grounds a bit, passed the barn where the cheese is made, waved to the kids enrolled in farm camp, perused the greenhouse and herb gardens, and stumbled upon the highlight of the visit...

the silly pigs!

A few of the young piggies immediately trotted over towards us, curious and hungry.

The weather was pretty unbearable so most of the young pigs were resting under shelters.

Once we disturbed them though, and they discovered we were foodless, they wasted no time and all came running out of everywhere, snorting, to feed on big momma who was passed out like the pile of dirt behind her!
And of course after a nice warm treat, what do pigs do (just like us)... they relieve themselves.

and some more... no shame, no shame.

and cool off and cuddle in the mud.

Even gigantic dad needed to cool off. I have never seen such a huge pig! He was bigger than the bathtub and completely not interested in us.

Although the regular farming hours were way past and we didn't get to see the daily workings of the farm, the experience was one I will not forget. The peacefulness of a small farm is sublime.

And I will continue to eat Hawthorne Valley cheese with utter joy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

what girl friends do when they are together...

they french braid each other's hair in pigtails!
Yes!... and we've been doing it for over 20 years nows.

Here's how Nicki does it:

1. Start by parting the hair down the middle of the head for pigtails. Take side section, from the top of the head and separate into 3 strands.

2. Cross right over middle and then left over middle, as if you were doing a basic braid.

3. Switch all of the strands over to your left hand, but keep strands separated.

4. Now gather a small, even section from the right side with your right hand and add it to the right strand.

5. Bring the strand you have just added to, over to the middle and bring the middle strand to the right.
6. Now switch hands keeping all strands separate, so your left hand will be free.
7. Gather a section of hair from the left side of the head and add this to the left strand.
8. Bring the left strand over to the middle and bring the middle section to the left.
9. Repeat until there is no more hair available to add.

10. Finish off the rest of hair with a basic braid.

11. Repeat entire process on opposite side of head.

Nicki did this in under 5 minutes—will take a lot longer to wrap your head around the directions!
Go ahead, practice on your best friend...