Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dolls by

Hans Bellmer. (March 13, 1902 - February 23, 1975)
Made dolls, photographed them and drew them.
His work has always stood out to me.
Above are scans from my senior book in college. Below are all him.


  1. So...why in the world did he make mutated dolls like that?

  2. good question!
    "He initiated his doll project to oppose the fascism of the Nazi Party by declaring that he would make no work that would support the new German state. Represented by mutated forms and unconventional poses, his dolls were directed specifically at the cult of the perfect body then prominent in Germany."

  3. really....eerie, but intriguing. Sometimes art isn't supposed to be pretty.

  4. I agree TARAism— art for social change!
    Bellmer was brave to take a stand against the craziness happening around him— illustrating that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think his work is beautiful... come on, the dolls are wearing mary janes!!

  5. These are amazing and clearly he was a man of huge talent and vision but they scare the beejeebus out of me.