Friday, July 17, 2009

Denim Jean Project.

You know those jeans that you really liked when you first bought them, but now styles have changed and they're a little out of date?... Yeah, I have a couple pairs of those—that stack of blue jeans in my closet that I never seem to wear...

This pair can use something—an old pair of Express "skinny" jeans when skinny wasn't even skinny...

Now, what to do with them?
How about tie dye with bleach!

So I tied the legs of the jeans in a knot and put a few rubber bands around them to keep them in a tight bundle.
I saturated the knot of denim in water and then submerged them in a watered down bleach bath. After about 10 minutes, and nothing seeming to be happen, I put them straight into the bleach (be VERY careful with bleach—bleach is an irritant. The fumes can pose a health hazard. Undiluted, bleach is corrosive and will damage many surfaces such as skin and fabrics). About a half hour later they looked like this...
It took a little over an hour for them to turn almost completely white. I rinsed them as best I could with detergent and let them hang dry. When I was ready to do laundry I put them in by themselves, so I didn't give my whole wardrobe a new look!
So obviously, how the final product turns out depends on how you tie the jeans up and rubber band them. The front of mine came out more bleached than the back, which shows a little more of the original denim color. Pretty fun experiment and I like the jeans better then I ever did before!



  2. I like your blog, but you never smile in your photos. It's creepy.