Monday, August 3, 2009

Industrial Felt Cases.

I have always been drawn to industrial felt. The commercial grey color, the dense natural wool texture, the sturdiness, how aesthetically generic it is... but what for? Apartment therapy comments nicely, "Soft, raw, sort of dumb, cheap, felt is the outcast of the textile world and finds its home with children or under the housing of a jet engine."

So, when I got my laptop almost a year ago, I did indeed discover a good use for it. An industrial felt laptop case.

It not only stores and protects the laptop but works as a sort of lap tray for when it gets all hot from using it.

So that was working out and then I had an accident with my camera floating loose in my purse and I made another industrial felt case. Custom fit for my Canon PowerShot S80.

And then I noticed Melissa's boyfriend, Sean, storing his iphone in an old, dirty, white sock in his backpack when he was skating, so I thought I would make him a case too.
Okay, here goes...

And here it is...
a protection pocket for those expensive electronics you use everyday.
Oh boy, what fun stuff! And I am sure I will find other uses for it too besides these cases. Brainstorming right now...


  1. Great video! What kind of drill is that?

  2. the drill is a Dremel Stylus.

    I am obsessed with this tool!

  3. Thanks for the great how to! I have always loved wool felt in just about any industrial design scenario and I have been on the hunt for a felt case to protect my new Vaio P series. Iam excited to get my new case underway. Cheers!

  4. By the way...what thickness felt did you use here?

  5. hi Ben
    It's about 1/8" thick for the phone case and the laptop, a little thicker, about 1/4". Check out the links for the best pricing. Filzfelt has a pretty nice selection of thicker felts in nice colors.
    hope that helps and let me know how your case turns out!

  6. Thanks for the tip!I will report back with the finished product.

  7. Hey there, I actually finished my project in December but just remembered that I hadn't yet shared the results. I bought a Kindle for my wife this Christmas and thought it would be a perfect candidate for a beautiful felt case. Here's the results...

  8. Ben.
    I looked at your pictures and I am more than impressed!! Bravo!