Thursday, August 20, 2009

in "the collection"

I have accumulated a lot of small stuff. I buy little things at flea markets, I find trinkets on the street— and so does Ashley. We are mini junk collectors and both of us have been our whole lives. It might run in both our family's. Anyway, this is one of our small collections. We call it "the collection" referring more to the letterpress drawer itself because the collection doesn't end here...

the little dolls.

A strange twisty tie person I found on the street in the east village and two vintage Liddle Kiddle dolls I bought at the Stormville Flea Market probably in like 7th grade. Now Mattel makes an updated vision of these minis and I picked one up at a Walmart while going cross country this summer.

The originals are so much cooler.

This is the smallest handmade clay doll I think I have ever seen—it's about an inch small. She's got a hand-painted face, curly thread hair and a little lace dress. I was kind of obsessed with it when I was a kid. I picked it up at this dollhouse store I use to make my folks stop at every time we went to Vermont. I could spend hours there.

I think my mom got this tiny porcelain baby doll for me there too.

There are a few weapons in the collection as well:

All are Ashley's. What a boy collects verses what a girl collects—go figure.

A combination of Ashley's and mine; some cameras, a walkman, camcorder & film recorder. Some vintage locks, with and without keys.

Ashley was really excited when he found these. Bought at the Avenue A flea market, he paid more than he would normally for these, but only like $4 a piece. They fold to be about 3 inches. Also displayed in the collection.

And much more where that came from...

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  1. What a fun and interesting collection! I have two little metal cameras like the one in the center of your photo. Did you know they really take photos? Or at least they did when they were new. Prizes at carnivals or purchased from novelties catalogs, they came with tiny rolls of film that could be sent for processing. I wish they still did that now.