Tuesday, September 15, 2009

underwater adventures!

Over Labor Day weekend, Ashley, Pico and I ventured up north to Lake George for my annual "best friends" getaway. We are so lucky Amanda has a summer home where we can all gather together, away from the hot concrete and into the beautiful forests of the Adirondacks and the clear waters of the lake.
Ashley has this crazy underwater housing for his camera, so being in the water is a whole other experience. Ashley becomes a kid again with this thing, I swear! "Come on Kristin! Come in!" He just loves swimming and snapping pictures...

And everyone enjoys posing underwater. How often to do get to capture yourself in a setting like this?

The photographs can be so beautiful too. The peaceful, almost lonely feeling of being submerged in crystal clear freshness captured! A little eerie but completely joyous!

Yet totally hilarious and ridiculously fun!

Especially when you try to drown each other...

After all the under water fun comes the into-the-water craziness. Might just look like a jump...

But it's really Super Ashley flying through the air!

Most everyone looks goofy in mid jump...

... but look closer—Melanie and Pepe look hilarious!

Pico also had some fun in the sun...

And was quite fond of the room we slept it. It matched her almost perfectly!

Oh how I look forward to next year.
Thanks Minger for having us up! ox

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