Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bird on a branch

Same object, two completely different materials.
I turned an old craft into a new craft when I cast this faux-porcelain bird branch in solid sterling silver.
The faux-porcelain was made by painting a small branch with white acrylic paint, epoxying on a white mini mushroom bird on it and dipping it into a white tinted two-part resin. I went to the jewelry exchange on 47th street and had a mold made of the branch and, with the process of lost wax casting, had the branch cast in silver. After a good polishing, I drilled two holes in the branch's ends so that it hangs level. Using pin heads, I attached a chain. Slip it over my head and I got myself another new necklace...I'm on a necklace kick I guess!


  1. That's fabulous! It looks so different and more stylish cast in silver... now you've got me wondering what goodies I have that I could make a mold from...

  2. love this,and especially cool that you had a mold made! do you get to keep the mold to make more if you want?

  3. Keep the mold and have this cast in 14k in ten years! Haha!
    Most jewelry pieces are fabricated and then cast and reproduced this way. What's so cool about the process is most anything can be cast– I've seen an old retainer cast in gold. Yeah like the one you wore inn middle school.
    A Chapstick cap in silver was the most recent thing I've seen... I will reveal all my casted treasures soon enough, stay tuned....