Monday, October 12, 2009

things change.

First they sold the church, then they closed the flea market—goodbye weekend pleasures— now weeds grow in the cracks of the empty concrete parking lot whose future is destined to become a high-rise . All of this was hard to accept, but over time things change. The Brooklyn Flea has been discovered since and the local vendors on Ave. A returned to the perimeter of the lot, along the fence, to sell the junk they've collected throughout the week. It's not the same but it will do—it has to.What didn't have to change was the mural on the building's side over looking what was the last Alphabet city flea. Probably my favorite billboard advertisement ever (painted by the local Chico of course), not only for it's public service but it's charm. I've spent hours in every weather condition staring at this three-story-high piece of art while Ashley, wheeled and dealed or made his second rounds, standing there admiring it. I was sad to see it primed over and it's replacement being started...
What is this monstrosity? A Kobe Bryant video game? I do give the artist credit—the guy took a week or so to hand paint this on a platform and that is certainly impressive. And it is pretty hilarious that an NBA eyesore is towering over Vampire Freaks. I'm sure they're ecstatic.

This is my goodbye to the mural on Avenue A and 11th street, the memories we've shared are forever.


  1. this made me wayyy sadder than the screaming bunny i posted.

  2. Accident waiting to happen... way to highlight a Lakers player in the City of NY...yikes