Wednesday, December 23, 2009

holly pins for the holidays

Yesterday a group of us at work gathered together for a little crafting party. We had all fell in love with these adorable felt holly brooches from the December issue of Martha Stewart Living and thought a nice way to kick off our Christmas break would be to make some pins for our families. They are so simple to make and so extremely satisfying that I made some for my girlfriends yesterday and today made a couple more as little favors for the nurses at the hospital where my Yiayia (Grandma in Greek) is. I packaged them up in cellophane bags and have a couple ready to give. My mom is trying to convince Yiayia to come over on Christmas—she's 93 & a bit weak— so either way, if we pick her up or just visit, it will be nice to bring some holiday joy into the sterile walls of the hospital. The pins are warm and fuzzy and who could resist a little bit of tinsel! I encourage you all to make some right now!

All you need is some scraps of felt and tinsel garland, a piece of ribbon, a couple beads or maybe a cute mini vintage ornament, a pin back or a safety pin will do, an iron and hot glue gun. Once you start, it's hard to stop!
Happy Holidays!


  1. where did you get the beads and the red tinsel?

  2. The beads are Swarovski pearls and then there are some vintage xmas ornaments in there too. The tinsel is either from Tinsel Trading ( or
    hope that helps!