Monday, February 15, 2010

8th Valentine's

I woke on Valentine's Day to the sweet smell of homemade muffins. Ashley was up before me, whipping up a batch of blueberry goodness with some fresh farmer's market buttermilk and jam. He found the most perfect occasion to test out the best blueberry muffin recipe. They were simply scrumcious!

He always surprises me with the most sincere and thoughtful gifts—ever since the very beginning, 8 years ago—and on V day it has followed the theme of being pink or red. He is skilled at making books and this year he made me a clever card that reads like a book but can be opened into a big page. The words he wrote made my eyes fill with tears but the funny pictures he took made me laugh. It was perfection and the gold heart lock dangling from the front was an unnecessary add-on to something that was so special itself—but I do really love it ;)

And what is Valentines without chocolate? A pretty box of Bond Street bonbons did the trick! oxox

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