Tuesday, February 23, 2010

currently inspiring

Happy Birthday Kurt. You have inspired me everyday since I was 11. You were never a phase.

For years I bought Kurt lilies on his birthday—these Pamela Love for Zac Posen earrings would have been a comparable memento.

Peeling paint, a casket, a Flamenco dress and Courtney Love's ass? Where did this picture come from?

Steamy hotness on the moon. Far out.

Martha Stewart in 6" heels. Props lady.

New York City illustrated by Julia Rothman.

Grunge fashion feature from teen vogue circa 2010? Déjà vu 1993, minus the designer clothes and hot boyfriend. Grunge connected to the word fashion seems strange.

Romping through the field of baby's breath, you stop to pick up an acorn. Oh look! a little squirrel's inside... Am I tripping? Wendy Brandes must be.

Sisters- Hollister Hovey- keeping is clean and classic with this awesome front door.

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  1. I adore taxidermy. One of my favorite xmas gifts a few years back from hubby was a lovely old stuffed pheasant. We have dubbed him Hereford and he keeps watch over our bar in the dining room. He is a little worse for the wear, but appropriately so, as he stands guard over whiskey bottles and old decanters filled with wonderful intoxicants. He lost the tip of his beak with the move from Boston back to the Cape, but he is still one of my favorites. I want to some day build an entire wall to resemble an old Victorian glassed stuffed bird aviary, then my need to collect them will seem more rational, I suppose.