Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am currently developing some Easter crafts for Martha, so I've been surrounded by pastel colors, fuzzy bunny rabbits, chicks, pink baskets, and eggs—Martha's unique home raised chicken eggs, hard boiled grocery store eggs, blown chicken, goose, ostrich, quail—you name it, there are eggs just about everywhere.
I check my emails and blog updates every morning when I get to the studio—and after reading a post on designboom called "the art of chess" this A.M, I was reminded of a chess set I made in college, using guess what?!? Eggs!
I hacked apart yellow and pink egg cartons and glued them back together to create the "checkered" board and used brown and white eggs as the pieces. Each egg was stamped with a grade to determine its rank.

Here's a chess board that will be featured in the Milan furniture fair in april. I like all the miniatures.