Monday, March 29, 2010

getting ready to be on Martha again...

making really cute fuzzy boxes made from real eggs!

The idea came from thecraftsdept blog reader, Anita Eydt. It is safe to say that she is the originator of this idea! Here's what she says about discovering this craft:

"I learned about these boxes through experimentation. Having always loved the shapes of certain fruits, one day I decided to papier mache some limes, oranges, avocados and eggs with their peel and shells still on. When I opened up these shapes to release the insides, I noticed that the egg shell was stuck to the papier mache cover and realized how smooth and beautiful it was. It was easy from there to figure out
how to turn these delicate little shapes into boxes. A little sanding was needed to make things more finished and polished."

Above is an Anita original egg box and if you watch Martha's show on Wednesday, I will show you how to make what Anita shared with me. These egg boxes are flocking awesome, even Pico wanted to make them!
Thank you so much Anita for sharing this wonderful idea!

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