Thursday, March 25, 2010


Owls are very popular in the arts & crafts world—similar to toadstools, squirrels and acorns, deer, flora & fauna—things that bloom and come to life deep in the forest, that bring whimsy to reality. Crafters love to draw them, sculpt them and even knit them.

I too love owls; they are the ones I admire even though they are birds of prey.
My Nana collected owl figurines—I got a couple when she passed away. She must of had a similar fascination with them.
After reading Wesley the Owl about a year ago, I developed a different appreciation for this dark creature. I would recommend the book to anyone—it's an easy read that relates to every pet owner that has a true bond to their fuzzy, feathery or scaly friend. Wesley was a unique owl.

Tonight I came across a live webcam of a barn owl nest. I have been watching it, while blogging, and already the mommy owl's mate has dropped off a rat for supper. It is really a treat to get an inside look at what goes on in an owl house! Definitely a site to bookmark.

I remember recently reading about a guy who rescued an owl off the road on his way to work. He took a few pictures of the wide-eyed creature as he transported it to safety in a cardboard box. What an incredible species.


  1. That last picture of the owl in the box scares me! What a crazy story. Do you know where you read it?

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  3. I added the link! sorry thought the picture was linked but I guess I forgot!

  4. "even though they are birds of prey."

  5. Yes Owls are birds of prey...
    Hawks are too and they kind of freak me out!

  6. um, yes, i know they are birds of prey. i just think it's odd to like them "even though they are," as if you'd like them better if they were herbivores or something.

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  8. I know what you mean. I guess I would "like them better" if they were herbivores! I am just protecting my little Pico who would be a yummy snack for a bird of prey or a snake, well, lots of animals would like to eat her. Birds of prey are just not on the top of my favorite animal list, but owls are... I'm not making any sense.
    It is odd but so am I.

  9. That owl in the box looks incredibly scary, that really does look an evil, evil eye...I still like them? :)