Thursday, April 22, 2010


My very first picture with my new camera, birthday present from Mom & Dad—the Canon S90.
This little sucker was buzzing around my room the evening before, driving me crazy. I swung my blanket at him and knocked him out. sorry. I hate killing, but I imagined him vomiting on Pico's or my face as we slept and neither of us can handle another blemish.
His short life was worth ending that night though because his shell will live longer now than his fly spirit would have ever lasted on the streets on New York City... though there is a lot of shit to land on.

He was a beautiful shiny metallic green, so I put him on my windowsill, and not even a day later, he turned blue. I took his portrait.


  1. that's an amazing camera, you captured him well. Any craft idea's here?? He's really pretty, case him in resin??

  2. i just found one this am in my room too! Wanna come over and take a pic? haha.

  3. haha! Maybe I will put him in a cube of resin...crafts to come...

  4. I love the macro setting on my camera. It is an older digital, but works fine for me. I took some great closeups of my cucumber seedlings that are waiting patiently for the last frost. The curling little tendrils make me think of fiddle head ferns. I also love close up of foods, so intricate, like an alien landscape. I like your fly. You should pin and mount him in a little shadow box.