Monday, April 19, 2010

Pico nests in my hair

I turned 27 on Friday. I had a wonderful Birthday thanks to Ashley, Melissa and my parents, and my incredible friends! I can't begin to express how these people make me feel. Thank you and I love you!

I had a special surprise at my desk this morning when I got into work—remember the Pico Portraits that Ashley commissioned our friends to do for me for Christmas—well, Hosanna and Kirsten's exquisite pieces were finished in time for my Birthday! Check them out here. Yay!


  1. "Pico for President" teeshirt is next :)

  2. What a darling bird. I have considered a parotlette. Last year, at the beginning of my 1955 year, I bougt a sweet little hand fed parakeet. Such a sweetie, she was named Pockets (after Amy Sedaris' imgainary pet monkey) but when we moved back to this house last fall, she got out and we never found her. IT was so sad. I know I want another bird at some point and was curious about the parotlettes. Are they naturally friendly? Did you have to work with your little Pico to get him so tame? Thanks. Oh, and I love the quilling portrait of your bird on that link. I love quilling. I think I have some old mid 60's craft books on it, it was all the rage then, I believe.