Monday, May 17, 2010

Brimfield Antique Show

Melissa and I took a road trip last weekend, swapping the concrete streets of Manhattan for the grassy fields of Brimfield Mass. America's largest yard sale sprawls the town but features treasures spanning the world. Check out some antiques the vendors were selling:

Amongst a collection of crucifixes was a baby face bar of soap—totally bizarre.

A miniature diorama of an old kitchen with babies in their highchairs, but where's mom?

The gradients of color spindles captured my eye. I wanted every color. Only 3 for $5—not too bad!

A wine cork cork board. Martha made one of these on the show! Fun craft project—better drink up!

Here's Melissa in the corner of one of the most impressive dealer's booth. Every object grouping was displayed in a shadow box. I don't know who would want to break up and purchase from any of these organized collections!

There was a lot of Native American art and collectibles. Some of my favorite art to look at.

Another favorite of mine is pirate art—that's just what I call it—carved whale bone and sailor valentines. This carving was a replica, the real costs thousands.

The most uniquely hand crafted antique Christmas toys and ornaments came out of Germany. Here is a shepherd and his sheep in pristine condition, still in their original box.

Another German traditional icon is the Cuckoo Clock. I remember my grandparents had one.

I wish I bought this print now that I look back at the picture. A woodcut or linoleum block print of a young boy looking at a dead bird. It made me miss Pico.

Some of the more frightening things people (no sure whom) collect. Can you imagine this hanging on some one's wall—I can't!

The final purchase of the day— Melissa bought this "grim reaper" staff that weighs about 50 pounds. We are not sure what the rusty iron weapon was used for—or who could actually lift it to use it—but we think it might have been used to chop off heads in medieval times?! Is it a Bardiche? What do you think?

After a long day of seeking and searching, digging and rummaging through so many different odds and ends, we were pooped. We probably barely scanned a third of the market and all we really wished we found was an empty lounge chair like this guy did, to pass out in!


  1. I didn't make it this year to Brimfield and I even live in MA, which makes it all the more horrid. I love the baby face soap, so Victorian. The little sheppard and his flock were so lovely. I would love to have nabbed those. When I was little, antique toys were always my favorite, especially the farm animals. I used to spend hours with them. I had an old steiff dog that I used to pick my mother's 'lamb's ear' plants (because they were so fuzzy) and pretend they were puppies!
    It looks like it has been a good show this year. Next year for sure...
    Oh, I bet that odd scythe was made as decoration for a theme restaurant in the 20th century. I can't imgaine it having any practical purpose other than to look 'cool on the wall'. It is a ery nice find, though.

    1. I have the same soap-- it belonged to my grandmother. Do you remember what they were asking for it? The baby has a smiling face on one side and on the other is crying.

  2. Wait... beautiful Pico didn't die, did she? That would be so sad.

    Incredible stuff at the show! I have an old German cuckoo clock - should get it out of its dusty box and start it up, but the endless cuckooing just might drive me cuckoo.

  3. oh god no! If Pico died I would start an entire blog dedicated to her! I just went away for the weekend and my folks babysat... I miss her cuteness when we are apart :)

  4. more weird baby soap:

    a friend of mine bought these for me last year and they made me think of you!

  5. Oh good, am glad to hear Pico is fine! I bet she missed you too.