Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nail biter.

My boyfriend Ashley had a bad habit for the past 29 years—he was a nail biter, a pen cap chewer, a grind his teeth on anything guy. Recently, he has been working on kicking his oral fixation. He's been painting his finger nails with this horrible polish, that he keeps insisting I taste with a lick—no thanks!—I use a nail clipper and don't need a foul flavor in my mouth!

He was so proud of himself after a week of not biting and photographed the tiny bit of whites that grew in... barely noticeable. He used a clipper for the first time in his life the other day. crazy!

On the nail note, I thought I would share a little steam punk art piece I made back in high school when I use to take things apart. Its an old LCD screen from a broken calculator encrusted with finishing nails. It hangs over my desk at work— a reminder of being experimental.

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  1. My hubby collects and uses antique typewriters. He has some in various stages of repair and we are always talking of doing 'joint art' pieces, rather steampunk I think.