Tuesday, June 22, 2010

only with love. a strange experience.

weird story. 4.29.10
I was at work and a co-worker was talking about how she went to see Hole play the night before. This started a whole conversation about my love/hate feelings towards Courtney Love and so on and so forth... anyway, I left work that evening and as I walked down the street to the subway, I thought about Courtney again. She is in New York City right now, I thought. Would I say something to her if I bumped into her? What would I say anyway? Would she just ignore me and be rude? Its one person, I know, who would put a knot in my stomach if I saw her. I actually wasn't sure how I would react... I felt like an immature teenager for a few moments...
15 minutes later I was home and got a text message from another co-worker who was part of the whole Hole debate. She walked out the door of our Martha office and, guess who was parked right in front, in an SUV, but Courtney Love herself! Long pasty white arm dangling out the backseat window, cigarette between fingers—my co-workers were stunned to say the least. How fucking weird!

Now I was blocks away and all I could think about was I could of had answers to all the questions that had been spinning in my head 20 minutes earlier. I was freaking out—what a strange moment this was for me. I had literally just missed her!
I arrived to work the next morning to find one of the many of Courtney Love's cigarettes on a little dish on my desk. A co-worker had snagged the butt after Courtney flicked it and drove off. This was the second strange thing he has left on my desk—the first was a dead bird in a brown paper lunch bag.


  1. I loved your story--- I just watched the Courtney Love "Behind the Music" episode last night and thought about her several times today! I found it very weird myself to now see this post from you! What is with Courtney Love lately?! wierd! :)

  2. just laughed my ass off again about the whole thing. nice p-touch

  3. Ewww Courtney Love's cigarette butt? What a weird thing to keep.