Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hawthorne Valley Farm

Just about every Wednesday, on my way to work, I swing by my favorite farmstand at the green market in Union Square to stock up on my dairy for the week. It's my sole dairy source for raw milk yogurt and rennet-free cheese and the occasional zucchini turnover (when they are in stock). I have been supporting the farm for years and share their mission of "biodynamic farming practices that reflect a commitment to protecting the health of the earth and all who live on it". Up until 2 weekends ago, I had never actually visited the farm to see with my own eyes where the cheese (my guilty pleasure) was coming from.
So on the way back from Lake George we made another pit stop at Hawthorne Valley Farm.

We arrived in the late afternoon, just as all the moo cows were getting ready to be milked! We watched the farmers finishing up and the cows, very relaxed—a handful actually laying down in there—hanging out in their stalls.

There was even a little calf trying to catch some zzz's in the shade of her pen.

We roamed the grounds a bit, passed the barn where the cheese is made, waved to the kids enrolled in farm camp, perused the greenhouse and herb gardens, and stumbled upon the highlight of the visit...

the silly pigs!

A few of the young piggies immediately trotted over towards us, curious and hungry.

The weather was pretty unbearable so most of the young pigs were resting under shelters.

Once we disturbed them though, and they discovered we were foodless, they wasted no time and all came running out of everywhere, snorting, to feed on big momma who was passed out like the pile of dirt behind her!
And of course after a nice warm treat, what do pigs do (just like us)... they relieve themselves.

and some more... no shame, no shame.

and cool off and cuddle in the mud.

Even gigantic dad needed to cool off. I have never seen such a huge pig! He was bigger than the bathtub and completely not interested in us.

Although the regular farming hours were way past and we didn't get to see the daily workings of the farm, the experience was one I will not forget. The peacefulness of a small farm is sublime.

And I will continue to eat Hawthorne Valley cheese with utter joy!


  1. I am so glad that places like this exist :)

  2. Thanks for the tour, it was very interesting. Loved the pigs.

  3. Damn, lucky! I have yet to find anything like that around here. And you'd think with all the farms they'd have one or two...but unfortunitly no! When I travel to Indy to see my brother, I take the Spawn by one near his house and it is so awesome watching them make cheese and then seeing my 6 yo daughter's eyes get all wide when she sees the baby cows. My teen son could care less....or he wants to seem that way so he won't loose his cool!

    Happy Hump Day!

  4. I love this...reminds me of days of going to college surrounded by farmland. :-) I look forward to more of your adventures! Follow my blog if you would like:

  5. This reminds me of Mississippi. Big dirty pigs

  6. So cool! I love visiting farms in the summer :)

  7. Hey, so glad you made it up to our farm for a visit! Hope some of your readers will follow your example and come too. They are always welcome.

    You might be interested to see the Farm's own blog at
    You can keep up here with farm happenings and enjoy farm pics until you can make it up again to visit in person. I try to keep it up to date so folks can enjoy the farm from wherever they are...

    See Ya Soon!
    Hawthorne Valley Farm