Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beautiful Emmanuelle

Watched Roman Polanski's 1988 film Frantic. The movie stars Harrison Ford with the young and cunning Emmanuelle Seigner as his sidekick. Besides the actress having a bad ass 80's style—I was intrigued by the unfamiliar french face and decided to do a bit of googling (since it is so convenient to, when you are watching Netflix from your laptop).
Turns out she is Polanski's wife (among other things)!—where have I been? and how does Roman score such hotties?
My "Emmanuelle" Internet search made me discover another french starlet I hadn't thought about in probably two decades...remember the 1987 movie Date with an Angel?... yeah well I was pretty fascinated with "the angel" when I was a kid and wound up rediscovered her via Google and my fascination continues with Emmanuelle Béart.
Is there another beautiful Emmanuelle that I don't know about? 


  1. Wow, they are both beautiful. I strangely find myself either wanting to lose about 30 pounds (okay, 20), and/or re-thinking my sexuality= I want to BE them or BE WITH them;) is that strange?!?

  2. Why do I get anxiety when I lose a follower? What did I do wrong? Blogging is tough when you have a full time job—I guess I need to work harder to keep you guys happy :)

  3. As long as the blogging is making you happy... that's what is important. It probably wasn't you. I am so random one day I write about something I know will interest people and other days I post photos of my nephew. Taking the later option, I know very few people are going to get excited about my nephew, but I do--it's MY blog!