Tuesday, August 31, 2010


If you've looked in my profile, you'd see that I follow the max number of blogs—300. I am constantly filtering through them, deleting the ones that have been abandoned and adding new ones I find. I wanted to share a few of my favorites—the ones I click on everyday to view what's new in their internet diaries. 

For all things art:
Booooooom—with 7 o's—is a place to discover contemporary artists and be constantly enlivened by what's happening in the creative world.

For all things fashion:
Studded Hearts keeps you up to date with fashion editorials, what's hot on the street & puts names to the faces who are rocking the clothes.

For all things sweet & cute in everyday life:
Fine Little Day is an inspiring blog that follows an inventive family and shares their collections of stirring imagery and creative likes.

For all things kooky & a little bit off:
Intelligent Clashing is a gallery of mismatched pictures that somehow effectively go together. Visually stimulating and laughably backwards.

For all living things:
ZooBorns is the home of all the animal babies born in captivity. A site that honors every species and aids in illustrating the importance of preserving and celebrating the most vulnerable of this planets creatures. Visit your local zoo today!
I created link buttons for all these blogs on my sidebar, so you can follow them too!


  1. Oh thanks for including Fine Little Day Kristin.
    Have to check Intelligent Clashing out, looks
    great! /Elisabeth

  2. Hey i love the way you've described Intelligent Clashing :)
    Thank you Kristin, I'm honoured to be included in your favourite blogs.

  3. Following 300 blogs? You have a lot of spare time and you must be insane and desperate for friends.

  4. Actually "crap detective", no, I don't have that much time on my hands! I highlighted the blogs I look at daily but for inspiration and to get away from personal work, I use my blogger account to breeze through the blogs I follow. Its all part of my job actually. I am insane sometimes but not desperate for friends—I am content with the ones I have!
    Thanks for investigating.