Friday, August 13, 2010

sail away

A couple Saturday afternoons back, Melissa and I got bored and decided to ride bikes to the Chelsea flea market. I like to stop by once in a while to buy things I don't need. This time was epic though and I scored 7 sailboats for just 15 bucks! The guy said he buys lots from abandon storage units and this must have been someone's old collection. I was thrilled to have landed it, even though I don't need anymore "things" in my life.
Two are almost entirely made of shells.
My favorite is this simple Sloop style sailboat with the single mast and double sails. I might trust it to take Pico for a ride in that little boat pond in Central Park. She would probably capsize though—she might be a pirate but she is no experienced sailor.
Here's one with all it's sails open...
and a smaller ship ornament with it's sails rolled up!
This one is displayed in a glass box...
and the last one encapsulated in a glass bubble!
I decided to drop the collection off at work since it is so close to the Chelsea flea and wound up keeping the ships there to display and admire. Hosanna got excited too about my showcase and left an awesome ship silhouette on my desk that she had from her silhouette collection. I like it better than most of my boats!

The collection I bought at the Chelsea flea swayed me to pick up the $10 ship I found at the Stormville—which is the biggest of the bunch and now my absolute favorite. It's labeled "Flying Cloud" and sits on a box with a slit for coins.
It's strange how, when you start to collect something, or become interested in something, you start to see it everywhere. I am so frequently stumbling upon ships now and I love it!
Lisa Congdon has a beautiful print for sale in her etsy shop.
Ann Wood makes the most charming, whimsical ships out of paper-mache and vintage fabric.
This colorful little boat I noticed on Kris's color stripes blog. I love how it's painted and the use of the nails and tacks in the wood.
I couldn't resist sharing these walnut ships that Hip Hip Hooray posted. So freaking cute!
This sailboat collection could get dangerous.


  1. I absolutely love the sailboat made completely out of shells. I have enough shells packed up in boxes to make a life size sailboat!

  2. It really could get dangerous...but I dont blame you!
    The architecture of all the different sails is enough to lure you in.

  3. Now all you need is a ship in a bottle!

  4. GREAT finds here! I can't believe you got so many for $25.00. A score! I was just talking with a friend who is currently making an elegant ship for her studio. There's something nostalgic about these little models, isn't there? Like each boat/ship should have its own story.

  5. If you ever get overloaded, send em in Ben's direction:) This is his dream collection. I am always needing to convince him that when we get some money together we need a house first, boat second.