Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm not exactly sure when skulls became so trendy, but they are beginning to haunt me. They are everywhere... really everywhere... it's overwhelming.
Designboom wrote a pedantic post about the history of death's head symbol. I prefer the use of the skull when it has meaning over it just being a statement of "cool". 
Skulls in works of art...
... and 3-dimensional art...
... sculptural and made into jewelry...
... and straight up bejeweled...
... or totally decked out in diamonds...
... and studded for fashion apparel...
... printed on silks and carved into hardware...
... and cleverly interpreted differently everyday...

We've gone skull crazy—bedeviled head-cases infatuated with ourselves. It seems so narcissistic of us? wait... what ... we are.


  1. Don't forget skull tatoos. ooooh.

  2. oh yes! How could I forget! Keep throwing them at me... I 'm sure I missed a whole other world of skulls I don't know about...

  3. not surprising in our culture of death where people are obssessed with crime. look at the shows on tv,movies and books. people are so desensitized to violence these days. art = truth.

    ill get off my soap box now and go to work.


  4. Especially with Halloween coming up. They'll be everywhere!

  5. This post makes me happy - I love skulls and have 6 skulls tattooed on me in various places. My favorite holiday is Dia de los Muertos because of the skulls. When it comes to skulls, I'm like a 13-year-old skate punk. More.Skulls.Now! Except for that Damien Hirst skull - that guy is a douche.

  6. sounds like you are the douche.

  7. Excuse me? I didn't call anyone a douche. Nothing like writing a mean comment on someone's blog as anonymous. Are you afraid to expose your dickface self?

  8. Sounds like Anonymous is a very unhappy douche bag. I like your post. I find it very inspiring in many ways. I see skulls everywhere, but not like all the ways you discovered. Great job k;) Anonymous eat shit.

  9. Thank you for the post. For some reason skulls are considered "taboo" and evil. I have loved skulls since I can remember, and will continue to do so.

  10. I luv your blog and the word dickface!