Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ashley turns 30!

On Friday night, we threw a surprise party for Ashley's Birthday. It was an utter surprise success! Yay!
And what's a party without something handmade?! Of course! I crafted something special for the big day—a chalkboard paint banner that read "Happy 30th Ashley". It hung across the bar's brick wall and can be reused for next party we throw. 
Learn how I made it on thecraftsdept blog here.
Okay, enough about crafting... Happy Birthday Ashley! The BIG 30!!
Ashley has thousands of photos, both film and digital, that he has shot over the past 15 years. So many good self portraits, too many amazing ones...
but I favor the silly ones...
and the jumping ones of course...
and the ones that are more than a decade old now...
I recently found these black and white photos I took of Ashley when he was 17—that makes me either 14 or 15 years old. Crazy how time flies and how I was tickled back then to be in his presence (and in his bedroom) and how I still am today, almost 15 years later.
I love you Ashley pants. ox


  1. That is totally awesome. You know it would be so funny to use the 30th banner no matter how old any one is. I mean why make another one with a different number right? Awesome pictures. Happy Birthday Ashley!

  2. Ashley pants! Love all the old photos!! Bringing back memories:) hahaaaa.