Sunday, October 10, 2010

Avenue A flea market is back!

Yay! The charm and junk of the East Village is back! Just a couple weekends ago, the 11th street church parking lot opened it's chain link fence after a 5 year hiatus. The avenue finally feels like home again.
The first thing I spotted was this dead bird on a hat. weird. Ashley bought a deco mirror light for 15 bucks from our old friend Joey. Melissa found this cool little pinkie purse that she wants to make into a necklace.
She also couldn't resist trying on this out-of-control fringe jacket that was pretty awesome, just too big and boxy.  She did get a good little dance out of it and I got a good laugh.
My obsession with ships made me take this picture of a plate.
James Dean checking Melissa out. She smiled and said hi.
A flea market's not a flea market without some old creepy taxidermy.
Oh so happy to have this back in the neighborhood!


  1. awesome snappy finds! wish we had flea markets here...

  2. an oldie but I goodie! Will have to make a point of being in the city on a Saturday. Reminds me of college!