Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bone chapel

The Sedlec Ossuary, in the Czech Republic, is a church where the altars, chandeliers, urns, bells and even a coat of arms are all made of human bones! The small church hoards about 40,000 human skulls and skeletons from many centuries of war and plague victims.
One of the most exquisite sites to see I'd imagine. A macabre sanctuary like this would be the epitome of a haunted house, perfect for Halloween...


  1. You are obsessed with bones this time of year....I assume b/c halloween is just around the corner...I mean this weekend!?! Love bones what things can be created with them. Skeletons are just fascinating!

  2. i know that this comment is really late in response, but i was looking through some of your old posts and came across this, and thought i'd share that i actually have been here before! it's really incredible, and really overwhelming how many skeletons are in there. eerie, but impressive place to visit!

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