Tuesday, October 19, 2010

how-to on theCraftsDept Blog!

Check out my weirdo Halloween how-to on Martha's theCraftsDept blog. I might actually be the first person to have ever crafted a Homemade Owl Pellet!
A lesson in biology and a craft project perfect for the science fair! Super fun, easy and simple to make. Kids, make them this weekend after your family goes on a haunted hay ride and pass them out to your friends at school next week! They'll think you are a total nerd but at least your science teacher will think you're rad.
I was giggling while taking pictures of the owl pellet process. 
The skeletons are really eerie to play with—Creepy.
If you want a real owl pellet, visit Pellet Lab and dig into a mass of fur and bones! For more information about owls and their pellets get Owl Puke: Book and Pellet.