Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bowling break

Today Hosanna came to the rescue and helped me solder my old broken bowling trophy. I am not sure why I adore this little gold lady so much, but I was very sad when I unpacked her after my recent move and discovered she broke her old brittle legs.
I transported her to work this morning and my first attempt at glueing her back together failed. So I pulled out the soldering iron and soon realized this wasn't an endeavor I could conquer alone. So I held her in place and Hosanna heated up the solder. She was back together before long–yay :)
I covered her silver bandage with some liquid leaf—couldn't quite match the color but it was better than nothing.
I was so happy to have my trophy back together again! I wrapped her in bubble wrap and biked her home. Then she did a flying leap out of my bag and landed in half on the floor!
Broken again!
A craft fail!

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  1. Oh no! How disappointing for you. Hopefully Hosanna will come to your rescue again.