Wednesday, December 1, 2010

making lip stain

I made some of my favorite lip balm for the craft sale Saturday because I've gotten unlimited requests for more. A while back I developed this concoction for the perfect lip stain lip balm for the Martha Show. I wanted to make it as natural/organic as possible and with few materials.
You start out melting beeswax in a pot that is in another pot of water—a double boiler.

Mix in a carrier oil, like an organic castor oil, vitamin E oil and the color. The color is the most interesting ingredient in this recipe. It is carmine. Carmine is the most natural of dyes, coming from a cochineal beetle! Nothing synthetic about that—kind of gross actually, but I like gross. I call it beetle juice!
You can get most of the ingredients to make lip gloss from tkb trading.

The lip balm tubes and helpful pouring trays are from SKS Bottle & Packaging

What's great about this tray is all the pour over can be re-melted and used again. It comes with a handy scraper to give each stick a clean flat top!

Once all the tubes have their caps sealed on, it is time for labels. I thought pretty paper was best, so when you pull it out of your purse, it is nice to look at. Smile :)

The decorative paper is cut down to size and clear packing tape is the perfect width to laminate the paper and stick it on!

$4 at the craft sale. Believe me, it is the best red lip stain ever!!!!
Good stocking stuffer.


  1. WOW! I love lip stain. I'd give anything buy a tube of that from you, though I guess it'd be fun to try to make my own..

  2. OH! Fun...another use for all of this pretty scrapbook paper I've been hoarding!!!
    love love love. Lip stains are the best!

    Myriam from Myriad of Mischief
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. I hope I get to your table in time to get me one of these on Saturday. I'm thrilled that you have such minimal ingredients, all natural!

  4. TheyProbably Kill The Beetles To Get The Juice. You're Right Gross.