Wednesday, December 1, 2010

making lip stain

I made some of my favorite lip balm for the craft sale Saturday because I've gotten unlimited requests for more. A while back I developed this concoction for the perfect lip stain lip balm for the Martha Show. I wanted to make it as natural/organic as possible and with few materials.
You start out melting beeswax in a pot that is in another pot of water—a double boiler.

Mix in a carrier oil, like an organic castor oil, vitamin E oil and the color. The color is the most interesting ingredient in this recipe. It is carmine. Carmine is the most natural of dyes, coming from a cochineal beetle! Nothing synthetic about that—kind of gross actually, but I like gross. I call it beetle juice!
You can get most of the ingredients to make lip gloss from tkb trading.

The lip balm tubes and helpful pouring trays are from SKS Bottle & Packaging

What's great about this tray is all the pour over can be re-melted and used again. It comes with a handy scraper to give each stick a clean flat top!

Once all the tubes have their caps sealed on, it is time for labels. I thought pretty paper was best, so when you pull it out of your purse, it is nice to look at. Smile :)

The decorative paper is cut down to size and clear packing tape is the perfect width to laminate the paper and stick it on!

$4 at the craft sale. Believe me, it is the best red lip stain ever!!!!
Good stocking stuffer.