Friday, December 3, 2010

Polar Bears

Since we don't craft enough, Hosanna, Kir, Figgy and I all stayed after work on Wednesday to continue to craft (and drink some vino). The others were putting together last minute touches on their projects for the fair and since I was kind of ahead of the gang, I developed a new craft! In a couple hours, I whipped up an army of polar bears, well about a dozen.

Each one is hand shaped from this awesome light-weight, air drying clay called DECO Clay. They all are holding a glittery snowball with a stack also beside them and are sitting on a little ice glacier. 

I hope that these "cool" creatures influence people to think about the troubled arctic ecosystem and the effects it has on polar bears and their homes. To learn more about polar bears and see how you can help, slide over to Polar Bear International

I hope to find a home for all 12 of these guys by tomorrow and maybe I will be able to adopt a polar bear myself!