Wednesday, December 15, 2010

we got a tree

Christmas stresses me out and I just want it to go away. Ashley forced me out in the rain on Sunday to get a tree—he was in the Christmas spirit, caroling and tree trimming and I was the grinch. 
How many days till it's over?
Trying to get in the spirit before it's too late...


  1. Gorgeous tree!! and the ornaments look great. U did better than me.. No decorations, lights, no tree..which is a boxed tree w/tiny clear lights.. This year, I lost the spirit, son has been a disappointment, I finally said no to my sister in law who is a control freak... and no, I do not need anything... My kids don't either... Can u tell I am a bit depressed, and I ain't denying it.

  2. I have a plug in wreath. Hung it up yesturday. Goes back in the box the day after New Years... :}

  3. So know what you are saying here. I have another freind who feels the same. What we both do is get a bunch of DVDs and spend the day locked up in our seperate appartments because is way to scary for us out side interacting with human beings.

  4. haha, what a good man. i love it though! its REAL!