Monday, January 31, 2011

knobby knees

I went into the studio on Sunday to do some work and my best friend Nicki and sister Melissa stopped by to keep me company for a while. They must of had an ulterior motive though, because they asked me to direct them to certain craft supplies and became really quiet working on the other side of the room.
In under 2 hours, together they whipped up a quirky giraffe and surprised me with it! He is made simply from 2 different size styrofoam eggs (head & body), mini styrofoam balls (knees & feet), googly eyes, yellow paint, tiny felted balls, crepe paper decoupage spots and crepe paper rolled around wire for the appendages. They brillantly crafted what I call Knobby Knees! 
All my crafter coworkers were just as pleasantly surprised when they came into work this morning and caught him waddling across my desk. Who doesn't love a clumsy baby giraffe!?!