Tuesday, January 11, 2011

postcards from the edge

Friday after work, a group of us walked west to the CRG Gallery hosting the benefit for Visual AIDS that we participated in. About 1400 people created a postcard size original piece of art for the event and opening night was quite a success. There were so many pieces to look at and love and I tried to photograph my ABSOLUTE favorites and the ones that really stood out to me. Sorry for the crooked shoots but the space was packed and hot and full of drag queens (awesome). What I love about this show is that you have no idea who made the art until it is purchased and flipped over. totally anonymous.
Which one is your favorite?
and 34. (mine)


  1. So many to choose from! I must say I like numbers 1,10, and yours. I love owls. I love Kewpie Dolls. And I used to pick bird feathers up when I was young, even though my mom yelled at me because they had germs. They are just so beautiful.

  2. OMG These are sooo amazing!!

    I really like 1,3,5.

    My fav would prob be number 5. But I really really like #3's texture. :)

  3. Wow, They are all amazing but I think some of my favorites are 24, 21, and 14. How long is this show going on for?

  4. Hi Cassie
    The show was only up for the weekend and all the postcards were for sale, so they are all now living in different homes.

  5. all great, but #17 really caught my eye!