Tuesday, January 18, 2011

yummy olive oil.

A fellow Greek over at Lea's Suitcase posted about her visit to an olive oil factory. I've always wondered how oil was squeezed out of a little olive—I imagine an old chubby yiayia rolling droplets of oil out of each and every olive. Not quite. 
Check out Lea's photos of the process so next time you soak up the goodness in a warm piece of bread, you'll know what those olives went through...
 And you'd be surprised to find out what happens with all the pits!


  1. Wow very interesting!!! I never would have imagined.. Thanks for sharing this. O_O

  2. I love olive oil. It is the only kind of oil I use.

  3. I am a big fan as well, on salads, for cooking eggs, veggies, anything really. I hadn't seen it actually processed before though.