Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Never thought I would be into carpets as much as I am. I don't really have any more floor to cover, but I am constantly finding new rugs I want. What a strange object to yearn for... rugs.

Since we're on the subject of rugs... we make carpets create compelling works of art out of all different materials forming a motif that resembles a rug—intricate patterns out of plastic forks, noodles neatly lined up to form repetitive shapes, little soldier figurines spirally around, all arranged to perfection. Pretty crazy.

Another interesting concept for carpets comes from Augustina Woodgate—she makes rugs solely out of teddy bear skins patched together. 

The Campana brothers make bizarre art/objects/furniture from odd materials—clustering and repeating them together. I want to lay with the people rug. It's amazing.

just spotted these Tibetan tiger rugs and I am obsessed!

oh, rugs!

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