Monday, February 7, 2011

X's & O's

Today on the show, Martha demoed a sweet little Valentine's craft. The segment was the last in the show so it got cut short––we always seem to lose time towards the end. The craft didn't get the full attention I thought it deserved, so I shot some pictures afterwards so that I could share it again with you—if by chance you didn't catch it :)

Well, do you ever think to save your wine corks? They make the most perfect little stamps!! With V day just around the corner, a simple XO on a cocktail napkin is a sweet homemade touch for your special someone when you sip on a nice glass of wine on the 14th, wouldn't you say. Jazzes up some Ikea tea towels too!

What I love even more about the X's and O's is if you cut 9 corks, you have a forever tick tack toe board.

I stamped an XO on a muslin pouch and put the 9 corks inside for Agnes to take home for her kids—a fun Valentine!

Cutting the corks is super easy if you have a craft knife. Remember you are cutting the negative space and not the X or O itself. The O is a little tricker because it curves, but if you take little scoops of the cork at a time and clean up the edges afterwards, it comes out just fine. Use one side of a cork for an X and the other for the O. 
This is easy enough to do before V day so START DRINKING!!!

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