Tuesday, March 1, 2011

crafting hour on MARTHA!

Mark your calendars to watch the craft hour on The Martha Stewart Showlive at 10am Wednesday on the Hallmark channel!

It is so amazing to be able to work with such talented people at Martha. 
Hosanna, who leads the craft department at TV, is a craft fail solver—I always go to her for suggestions, opinions and advice on the work I am producing for the show. I trust her aesthetic, and her experience with working in so many mediums is impressive. Before becoming a full time crafter for Martha over 10 years ago, Hosanna studied photography, but her passion is really in fabricating jewelry. 
We have two Dartmouth graduates in a craft department of four. Figgy thinks like a scientist and sometimes I can't understand what he is talking about. If he wasn't testing alum to form crystals or mixing borax to make goo, he should probably just start a lab—he'd be really good at figuring out the perfect concoctions! Check out some of his kits at Professor Figgy.

We are very bummed to be missing Kirsten for the craft hour. She is literally about to give birth. Another smarty pants, Kir is great with words and writes all our craft how-to's for the web. Before she bailed on us to have a baby, she made an awesome solar system mobile—soon to be a demo on an upcoming show. The sewing crafts often fall in Kir's lap—she is an expert quilter. Her meticulousness and accuracy boggles my mind—look at these silk tie pillows she quilted—they are impressive! 

The craft hour is going to be a fun show with interesting projects, good techniques and a glossary of the must have craft tools!