Thursday, June 16, 2011

stranded on an island

 I just got back yesterday from a much needed vacation in the Bahamas. It was wonderful. We luckily only had one day of rain and that was enough. A 12 hour storm is plenty when you are trapped inside with barely anything to do. I had a few craft supplies with me, of course, but very few. As we anxiously waited for my sister to fly in from New York, not knowing if her flight was delayed or not—there is no internet access—I thought the only way to calm my nerves would be to make a little something for when she arrived, if she arrived...

 I found a pad of paper in a drawer and a pen. I had some supplies for an embroidery I was working on as well. Ashley suggested I make a banner announcing how excited we were that she made it! I decided on YAY! MELI (we call Melissa Meli for short).

 I call this ghetto craftin' and I kind of love it.
Ghetto Craftin': [get-oh krahft in] verb. When you use what you have available, when supplies are low or limited, to create something somewhat janky.
(I made it up)
 I hung it in the fogged up windows by a piece the thread that I baste stitched through the top of each piece of paper (oh I found a half roll of masking tape too).

When Melissa arrived off the ferry that evening, I felt so relieved! Yay! Meli, you made it!!!


  1. what island?? did i miss you guys again? I was on Grand Bahama :)

  2. we went to hopetown- elbow cay. i dont think it is anywhere near you?! oh man miss lea!

  3. "to create something somewhat janky"... I love it! You need to propose this one to urban dictionary.