Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I don't know

I am always interested in what drives new visitor to my blog so I often look at the stats. This week a few people searched "i don't know" and ended up on lemmemakeit. I love that :)
 I also love the squirrels in my neighborhood—they make me smile almost everyday.


  1. squirrel is looking so cute..and its always active and too hard worker..and pictures are looking great..and amazing images..thanks for sharing here with us..

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  2. In the bottom one, it looks like he's trying that "planking" fad! So cute!

  3. i have a 3'x4' photo hanging in my living room of a squirrel up to no good. (terrorizing Lexi or vice versa). A photo I took while on a daily stroll in LA. Love him.

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  5. Squirrels drove me here ;-D
    And it looks like I'll visit again.
    I was in London some times ago and loved the critters. I took many photos of them.

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