Friday, July 1, 2011

yarn art

 I purchased a piece of yarn art from the Avenue A flea market for $5 last weekend—wow, I can't even believe that the whole week has gone by—time certainly flies. Anyway, the vendor had an interesting collection, all bought from one estate sale. I was kind of fascinated by them—wondered how old they were, where did they come from, were they all created by one artist, who previously owned them? The unknowns of flea market finds...


  1. The brightly colored pieces of art look very much like the traditional yarn paintings made by the Huichol Indians of Mexico. It is made by pushing the yarn into a sticky beeswax mixture; they do the same with colored seed beads... see my Huichol yarn painting panel and read more about their art here:

    Nice find for $5!!!!

  2. congrats on your purchase! by chance, do you have any contact info on the yarn art vendor that you can share? the other post was correct. you purchased a huichol yarn painting. if you send me a pic of the front and back, and your phone number i may be able to tell you more.. linda at