Monday, August 15, 2011

urban green

Since I have been technically off (from Martha) and not working, I've had some time to do other things besides art directing Nicki's short film. I was able accompanied my sister to a few showings of the line she reps, WeSC, which were fun min adventures. We drove to Philadelphia to the Urban Outfitters head quarters located at an old Navy yard. The grounds were very cool, slightly reminiscent of a collage campus but a bit more industrial. There were many "green" elements to the design of the spaces and I especially liked the hanging garden in the cafeteria building.
They also had a yummy veg/vegan cafe, floors made from recycled glass bottles and everyone had reusable cups! Oh and I can't leave out the compostable cutlery in the cafeteria and that every other person had a pet dog with them at work! 

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