Monday, September 26, 2011

keepin' it hardcore

I am lucky to have had the same best friends for basically my entire life. Who else could I possibly ask to be my bridesmaids then them, my flock.  Originally I didn't want to put anyone out by asking them to be part of my wedding party but when I thought about walking down the aisle, I said to them, "I'm not gonna be the first one to get married and do it all alone, you guys are walking first!" I made it somewhat easy and requested only that they wear all black and their only duty will be to walk ahead of me.
For sharing the special day with me, I decided to make them a little something to wear to remind us of a past time we all shared together...being punk rock. Those were the years of my life that left the biggest impression on me and really formed me as a person. A safety pin through our ear was something we all tried and it is a symbol of the way we were. For each of them to wear in their ear on my wedding day, I had 14k gold safety pins made. 
Displayed in a unique box with a current picture of each best friend and a picture on the flip side of me in those punk years over a decade back... keepin' it hardcore with all of them—I love you riot grrrls.