Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the untraditional wedding invite

I'm really not the wedding type but... I am getting married. 
It took months to figure out what we wanted to do to celebrate, we decided to throw a party. The party has morphed into what I would technically have to call "a wedding" but we are doing things a little differently.
It starts with the invitation. After being time warped into the 1950's for the film I was working on, I became obsessed with ads from the era. I couldn't stop flipping to this Shirley MacLaine sweepstakes ad in the center of a Spencer Gifts catalogue and decided that was it!
With some play on words and handy Adobe Illustrator, I re-created the mail-in as our wedding invite.
Our theme, crystals.
I was struggling to find the right image for the back of the postcard and I came across this article on a contortionist in another old magazine. I just loved the photos and thought they were so fun, crazy, different and kind of represented how I feel when I think about weddings—they looks like fun but are always a little uncomfortable. Why not bend the wedding "rules" a bit?
A stack of invites, complete and ready for the usps.


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  2. What an awesome idea for an invite!! :) love them!


  3. wow such a unique wedding invite, im sure your wedding will be incredible!

  4. Congratulations!!! All of us married people welcome you to the world of wedded bliss! :)

  5. I always wanted something different. It's no exception when it comes to wedding. This is bold and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on getting married!