Thursday, November 3, 2011

pin it

I think I've started an addiction to Pinterest. My digital pin boards are cultivating and my search for more inspiration is enslaving. Organizing imagery and ideas is what I used to do on my desktop! It became overwhelmed with files and folders and I would forget what I had already archived. Pinterest is the epitome solution
You must start pinning!
Here are some of my pins from my "black grey white" board:


  1. When I click on the images, I don't get a link back to the source. Can you fix that? As a photographer, I know I would be upset if someone posted my work and I didn't even get credit.

  2. hi Michelle,
    Of course I always give credit when I know the source—no doubt. With Pinterest the original source is always linked in the top right corner. That's one of the reasons it is so great! You can easily track (and credit) where the image came from! I linked to my pinterest boards in this post, where all the original sources are.
    I will look into the pictures linking back as well.
    thanks for pointing that out!