Tuesday, January 3, 2012

do-ho suh

Back in October, I was able to visit Korean-born artist, Do-Ho Suh's exhibit just a couple days before the gallery's show ended. I was so blown away at the precision, craftsmanship and intricacy of his work that I wanted to share it with you. 
Rendered in sheer polyester, these 1:1-scale, 3-D replicas are pinned in place like ethereal creatures in frames and Plexiglass boxes. Suh's attention to detail is so fine that he even includes the instructional text on this strand of lights.
 I can't imagine the time spent and the patience in sewing all the tiny pieces of fabric together to create these structures. I imagine the fabric would fray and it would be nearly impossible to sew the tiny pieces together. Most people would have to be institutionalized if they attempted to make something like this, I would anyway. Jaw dropped— I was sincerely impressed.
I could have stared for hours at the gigantic dollhouse sliced open revealing a perfectly decorated interior, that stood in the center of the gallery, titled Fallen Star 1/5. Meticulously crafted, the to-scale model was a replica of Do Ho Suh's first American home, a three-story traditional in Providence, Rhode Island. In the living room, walls have collapsed as a model of Suh’s childhood home in Seoul crashes through the room. 
"It’s an architectural mash-up as a metaphor for cultural dislocation."-Aaron Krach for Elle Decor
The detail was out of control incredible. I can't express how astonished I was—this project would take me a lifetime to accomplish. It was too perfect for me to swallow that one artist could hand make all the pieces to this magnificent sculpture. Do Ho Suh is an artist to go see in person if you get a chance.

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