Monday, March 12, 2012

quartz caps

I made these quartz crystal capped jars a while back using this awesome adhesive clay called Mighty Putty. It a two part epoxy that hardens and sticks to just about everything. Its one of those materials that is so neat, has endless uses, yet you really don't know what to do with it?! 
I had a bunch of crystals that I collected for my wedding so I used them to create these  capped vessels. All you have to do is slice a piece of Mighty Putty from the log it comes in, mix the green and white together really well, blob it onto the top of a jar's lid and stick and embed crystals in it. I finished the clay edge by pressing glitter into it before it hardened and wrapped the rim of the lid with a pretty silver ribbon. 
I made a set of graduated jars to fill with assorted bathroom essentials, cotton balls, Q-tips, tylenol and aspirin (the pills were more a styling thing—I couldn't find anything else white to put in them!).
There's a more refined epoxy clay called Crystal Clay that is available in many colors and used primarily to pave Swarovski crystal rhinestones (the ones with pointed backs). Martha used the clay around Valentine's Day to make glittery red heart pins